Fundraisers using KIT's software to raise more money

How Nonprofit Fundraising Professionals Use KIT

Do you ever feel like your nonprofit software is just a dumping ground for data? You keep adding donor information, but when it comes time to use it, the workload is still on your shoulders to create data-driven insights? 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offload the time-consuming parts of fundraising to a piece of intelligent technology? This way, you can be more efficient with your time and focus on interacting with donors, increasing your fundraising ROI, and making more impact. 

Well, with KIT, you can. 

KIT is an AI-powered fundraising analytics tool specifically designed to help fundraisers accomplish more with their data while freeing them from time-consuming, complicated, and error-prone tasks.

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What is KIT?

As the first of its kind, KIT is a data integration toolkit that represents a giant leap forward for nonprofit technology. It combines AI-powered predictive analytics, key performance indicator (KPI) insights, and presentation-ready reporting to help your organization do more with your data, all at the click of a button. 

The beauty of KIT is that you don’t need to overhaul your current system, install an entirely new software framework, or teach your staff to work within a new paradigm. Instead, KIT integrates seamlessly into your existing customer relationship management (CRM) platform and draws on the data it already contains. 

The sophisticated technology underlying KIT employs Artificial Intelligence and machine learning strategies to provide a range of valuable insights covering which donors to reach out to, what method to use, when to reach out, how much to ask for, and even which fundraising campaigns will appeal to specific donors.

Having KIT is like having a data scientist on your team who never gets tired, never makes mistakes, and costs the fraction of an actual data scientist. 


How Can KIT Drive Your Nonprofit Growth

KIT’s tools take care of the data heavy-lifting that would usually be difficult or impossible for you and your team to accomplish. Let’s take a closer look.

Fundraising Optimization

KIT generates donor insights from fundraising data that will transform the way you raise money and meet (and even exceed) your fundraising KPIs. 

Using predictive analytics, KIT allows you to learn more about your donors’ behavior. So, you can tailor your communications to individuals or donor segments, increase donor engagement, build loyalty, and receive more contributions. 

Here are five KIT features that can help you make accurate predictions about your donor behavior: 

  1. Donation Forecasting: Know how much your organization can expect to raise in the coming months or years.
  2. Donor Score: Understand which of your donors are engaged and which ones need extra attention to promote engagement.
  3. Donor Readiness: KIT can determine which donors are ready to give in the next two weeks. 
  4. Time of Year: Plan your fundraising peak periods and schedule for the whole year with guidance from KIT.
  5. Transaction Type: Know where your donations are coming from and where to focus your resources so you can efficiently develop your revenue streams.

With KIT, you can make better fundraising campaign predictions, craft realistic goals, be ready for bumps in the road, and set your team up for success.


Find And Convert Recurring Donors

Recurring donors are the most important supporters you have. Recurring donations cost much less to acquire than one-time donations, so even small donations can add up to significant contributions over time. 

The key to securing recurring donors is personalized communication tailored to a donors’ needs and preferences. 

By talking to recurring donors using methods and language that they can relate to, you increase your chances of keeping them on board.

Contact insights from KIT help you create a comprehensive strategy for targeting, engaging, and winning the trust of recurring donors

You can also use KIT to convert one-time donors to recurring donors by generating impact reports from KIT’s Fundraising KPI Dashboard. These reports communicate the difference long-term donations make to your mission. With these reports, you’ll connect one-time donors to your cause.


Identify More Major Donors

KIT offers prospect research and wealth screening tools that gather information about your supporters’ philanthropic histories, capacities, and motivations. This information helps you identify more major donors, as well as planned gift donors and annual fund donors. As you identify these major donors, you can apply contact insights also generated by KIT.


How Can Fundraisers Use KIT

1. Save Time on Administrative Tasks

Fundraising requires a lot of reporting, background information, and metrics that usually have to be generated manually from copious amounts of data. Skip all the drudgery and gather your fundraising information automatically with KIT. You can spend less time in spreadsheets and more time talking to potential donors.

2. Improve Donor Communications

Boost your chances of collecting donations by asking the right people at the right time for the right amount with insights from KIT. Plus, with contact insights, KIT lets you personalize your communication to the right donors, increasing the likelihood that they’ll give.

3. Stay Informed on Donor Activities

KIT offers aggregated newsfeeds that allow you to see, in real-time, any changes in donor behavior and fundraising performance. So, you’ll know right away when it’s smooth sailing and when to change course to reach your goals.


How Can Fundraising Directors Use KIT

1. Optimize Fundraising Strategy

KIT provides insight into your organization’s performance, the functioning of your team, and your donors’ habits. When you combine that information, you’ve got the basis of a flexible, goal-oriented fundraising strategy that maximizes efficiency and ensures nothing falls by the wayside.

2. Data Consolidation and Reporting

Usually, fundraising personnel collect donor data and generate reports using whatever software’s available at the time. But many fundraising experts agree that this leads to scattered record-keeping that complicates the decision-making process. 

With KIT, you can automatically consolidate your donor data and fundraising reports in one spot, so you’re ready to share them with critical stakeholders.

3. Make Better Fundraising Decisions

With a better understanding of where your funding is coming from, who is prepared to give, and when, making decisions about allocating organizational resources is much easier.


How Can Nonprofit Executive Directors Use KIT

1. Improve Productivity

Instead of worrying about how much time is being focused on administrative duties, offload time-consuming tasks to KIT and free up team members to pursue more human-centered activities.

2. Plan Ahead with Donor Insights and Fundraising Forecasts

KIT’s ability to make predictions about revenue, campaign success, and donor performance helps nonprofit leaders outline long-term goals for their mission.

3. Generate Comprehensive Reports

A big chunk of an executive director’s time is spent communicating the organization’s effectiveness and progress to stakeholders and the board of directors. With KIT, you can save time and automatically create beautiful, easy-to-understand reports that express the incredible work your team is doing.

4. Save Costs

KIT automates the work that would typically take fundraisers hours to perform. At less than 25% of your CRM cost, KIT ensures a price point that fits your organization no matter the size.

5. Make Better Decisions

Take the guesswork out of decision-making. With comprehensive data analysis and powerful insights from KIT, you can make stress-free decisions about utilizing your staff, when revenue will come in, and how to meet your goals.


How Can Nonprofit Board Members Use KIT

1. Improve Organizational Performance

Board members observe what’s happening in your organization and provide guidance. KIT allows board members to do this faster and with more accuracy. Boar members can now better assess your organization’s performance, identify gaps, spot underserved areas, and suggest growth opportunities.

2. Reporting

Board members tend to share their nonprofit’s successes with stakeholders and the public. KIT offers visually stunning automated reports designed by leading fundraising consultants that make it a snap for your board members to understand organizational success and create captivating presentations for their stakeholders.


Keep doing what you’re doing

Now that you understand what KIT can do for your organization, what’s the next step? 

Well, keep doing what you’ve been doing up to this point: keep feeding data into your CRM, learning new things from your donors, building strategies, generating reports, and updating your board members. But, now do it all with KIT and do it faster, better, more effectively, and more efficiently than ever before. With KIT, you can make your data work for you so you can get back to the work that matters most. 

Are you ready to unlock the power of your data? You can learn more about the opportunities waiting for you by booking a demo.

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