Consultant Partner Program

Working with consultants to harness the power of value driven partnerships.

KIT’s Partnership Program is designed for consultants who provide data analytics and reporting services to organizations in the nonprofit sector.

We work with industry leading consultants and agencies to bring the revolutionary capabilities of AI to their nonprofit clients, drive more value and empower nonprofits on their mission to create meaningful impact in the world.


Gain Exclusive Access & Training Resources

Partner with KIT and gain access to a host of training resources, marketing materials and educational content on KIT and the sector.


Referral Rates & Bonuses

Partners earn referral rates for each client brought on to the network, as well as bonuses for milestones reached within the partnership.

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Dedicated Partnerships Team

Each partner is connected to our devoted team, providing support and ensuring our partnership drives value for you, and your clients.

Learn more, and become a certified KIT partner today.