KIT for Neon CRM

Pairing donor management with the power of artificial intelligence.

Leverage KIT’s actionable predictions and donor insights, to help focus fundraising campaigns and raise more money.

Kit interface

Nonprofits with Neon CRM use KIT to

  • Uncover donors with the potential to become recurring givers
  • Upgrade more donors to majors givers​
  • Improve retention rates and donor lifetime value​
  • Find out who to reach out to, when to do it, and how much to ask for​
  • Combine their data with outside data sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of each of their donors​
  • More accurately segment their donors for fundraising campaigns​

How It Works

  • Sync KIT into your NeonCRM account in minutes
  • KIT analyzes your data to understand your donor behavior and identify the likelihood of future outcomes
  • Navigate into KIT to access predictions and insights, segment donors, understand key fundraising metrics, create personalized reports and more
  • Your data updates automatically, in real-time, so you can ensure you are working on identical datasets in both systems
  • Each team member can have their own KIT account with individual preferences, so you can take advantage of opportunities specific to the campaigns you are working on

“Growing nonprofits need to understand data more than ever, but it can be hard to wade through what matters most. With this integration between KIT and Neon CRM, the path for nonprofit professional to make strategic decisions with confidence, just got infinitely easier.”

Tim Sarrantonio, Director of Partnerships and Business Development | Neon One

Fundraising forecast interface

Identify Opportunities
In Your Data

KIT uncovers patterns and trends in your data to show you how engaged each of your donors are, and to predict their giving behavior.

KIT’s predictive analytics allow you to identify prospective donors for your campaigns, and forecast your revenue potential.

Track Your Performance

Customizable KPI Dashboards allow you to set goals, and measure the performance of your key metrics across donors, fundraising and email marketing.

Compare metrics to previous time frames, or use KIT’s industry benchmarks to understand how you compare across the nonprofit sector.

Performance tracking interface
Predictions interface

Optimize Your Ask

KIT’s predictive fundraising analytics provide a host of comprehensive insights on every single donor in your database, helping fundraisers answer the questions of who, when, where and how much when deciding which donors to reach out to.

Prioritize Your Day-To-Day Fundraising Work

Find out exactly where to prioritize your fundraising efforts daily, as KIT presents you with opportunities, as they are uncovered.

Save time through more efficient fundraising, and allow KIT to guide your fundraising initiatives, so you can start building stronger relationships with your donors and raising more money.

KIT timeline

Also Using A Wealth Screening Tool?

KIT integrates with leading wealth screening, and donors communication tools, to incorporate even more data into your predictions.

Organizations using KIT’s technology saw an average increase of 46%
in their annual revenue in 2020.