Grow your monthly giving program.

Recurring donors give 42% more a year than those who give one-time gifts.

Monthly donors are critical for your organization’s future sustainability. By using our Monthly Donor Score, you can quickly and easily identify your contacts with the highest potential of becoming long term supporters.

Find Your Next Generation of Monthly Donors

Thanks to Millennials and Gen X, monthly giving programs are on the rise. Using benchmarking data, wealth insights and your donors’ giving history, Fundraising KIT helps you understand which of your contacts could increase their giving frequency and be your next monthly donor. 

Engagement Score

Automatically analyze the recency, frequency and monetary value of donations to create the industry-recognized RFM engagement score.

Develop a Monthly Giving Strategy Within Minutes

Sustainable fundraising strategies require you to pull out all the stops when it comes to analyzing your data. Let Fundraising KIT show you where to focus your efforts and allow your team to invest their time in building stronger relationships with your donors.

Make it Personal

With Fundraising KIT, personalizing your outreach is easy. By understanding how to contact your donors, how much to ask for, and when to reach out, your donors will feel valued and more engaged in your cause when they receive your ask. 

Save Time With Templates

Skip the mailing house and export direct mail templates straight from Fundraising KIT. Select the most important pieces of information based on your goals and create ready-to-use templates for your next campaign. 

Track Your Progress

Use Presentation-Ready reports to understand how you’re tracking towards your goals. With just a few clicks, you can review your metrics and export them in a package ready to be shared with your stakeholders.

See how achieved a 260% Increase In Number of Recurring Donors Using Fundraising KIT logo

How it Works: Fundraising KIT’s Machine Learning for Nonprofits

Fundraising KIT’s first-of-its-kind machine learning algorithm ensures that all our Donor Scores become more accurate over time. The more you use Fundraising KIT, the smarter the tool gets, and the more you raise!


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