Customer Stories Saw a 260% Increase In Number of Recurring Donors Using Fundraising KIT produces and shares interactive bible stories around the world. By partnering with several mission groups, their goal is to engage and educate communities about the gospel in the hardest regions to reach. 

Paul Wynn and Doug Keesey sought to find a way to overcome communication barriers that many individuals face and found many groups are oral learners. By incorporating multimedia tools into their outreach efforts and producing visual stories in easily shareable formats, they found that they could communicate better with locals and introduce them to the gospel.


During the pandemic, was forced to temporarily halt its outreach efforts due to physical distancing measures and travel restrictions. They could not record new messages, travel to these regions, and saw a decrease in revenue due to economic uncertainty. 

Despite these challenges, Wynn and Keesey saw this as an opportunity to refine their communications strategy. With the goal of running an individual giving campaign, they knew that tech tools would help them raise more funds, and they started doing research, bringing them to Fundraising KIT. 

“We looked at several options, but I really liked what I saw in the Fundraising KIT demo. It just seems like everything works better with KIT to me. It’s an all-in-one package, so we went ahead and pulled the trigger on KIT, and we’ve been very happy ever since.”

Doug Keesey, Co-founder of


As their outreach campaigns had been halted, Wynn and Keesey sought to understand their donors better. They wanted to dive into their donors’ journey and figure out how they could navigate some of their existing one-time gifts into recurring donors. 

Using Fundraising KIT’s Likelihood to Recur insights, they were able to learn more about their donors, examine their giving histories, and their likelihood to give. These insights put their campaign’s strongest prospects at the forefront and allowed them to personalize their outreach based on donors’ engagement history.

In addition to Likelihood to Recur, they also used KIT’s Smart Ask Insights to better understand how much to ask their donors during this campaign. Smart Ask showed them exactly the right amount to ask each of their donors. This meant that they didn’t upset any of their donors by asking too much but also didn’t leave any money on the table.

“We’re making more use of KIT’s artificial intelligence features. Since we figured out how to use Smart Ask, I’m not worried [about trying to get subscribers to donate on our website]. I like that it changes the donation amount based on their interactions with us. And it works; it’s given us better results than we’d have gotten from a generic ask.


Using KIT’s insights, the team developed a smart, data-driven individual giving campaign that engaged and stewarded donors. By creating personalized communications based on KIT’s predictions, they increased their fundraising revenue by 36% with a year and saw a 108% increase in their total number of donations. 

More so, by looking for opportunities to boost their recurring giving program, they increased their number of recurring donors by 260%’s decision to be data-driven in its fundraising approach helped the nonprofit stay afloat during the pandemic, but most importantly, it created a viable and sustainable revenue channel for the organization.

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Fundraising KIT is a data-driven toolkit that helps nonprofits raise more for their cause. By Integrating KIT with your nonprofit database, you can identify supporters ready to give, segment donors for targeted communications, and track fundraising progress, all while saving time and resources to increase revenue.