About Us

About Fundraising KIT

Fundraising KIT is a cloud based platform that helps nonprofits raise more for their cause.

With Fundraising KIT, your nonprofit can increase online donation revenue using tools that help acquire, steward and engage with every donor in your database, so they stay and grow with your organization.

Built by a nonprofit leader for the nonprofit community, our toolkit plugs right into your existing database where our suite of tools identifies supporters that are ready to give, easily segments your donors for targeted communications, and helps you track fundraising progress, all while saving time and resources in the quest to increase revenue.

Organizations using Fundraising KIT increase their revenue by 46% on average in their first year.

How It Started

Fundraising KIT was founded by a passionate team with years of experience building cutting edge software products in both the nonprofit and for profit sectors.

We saw how technology was transforming how the world works, and wanted to know how we could create a solution that enables nonprofits to unlock the potential of their data, better understand their donors, and make an even greater impact for their cause.

Meet Our Team

Educated at McGill University (B.A.) and Osgoode Hall Law School (JD), Nejeed is also the founder of the public policy organizations Better Canada Initiative and Believe Vancouver, and a former executive director of both End Poverty Now and Conversations for Change. Nejeed is a global innovator with experience working for the United Nations and the Senate of Canada. Nejeed sits on a number of corporate, education, and non-profit boards, and is an alumnus of the Global Shapers Community (World Economic Forum) and a former fellow at the Royal Society of the Arts in the UK.

Lee enjoys working with a wide variety of technologies, from machine learning, to backend, and occasionally front-end development. When he’s not coding he’s either working on his short game or playing hockey.

Anna left Vancouver to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree at UC Berkeley, thinking she would never return, but Canada quickly won her over. Having learned four languages and been educated in four countries, Anna honed her ability to navigate diverse cultural spaces. She loves taking arguments apart, problem-solving, and thinking under pressure. A true debater at heart, Anna likes being told no…because who doesn’t enjoy a good debate?

Bryna has always believed in the power of technology and the use of data to help empower the nonprofit industry. She has led webinars, written articles, and is constantly researching how data-driven decision making can help increase productivity, improve financial performance, enhance charities’ abilities to forecast effectively, and ultimately raise more for their cause. With almost 20 years of experience delivering innovative strategies and helping nonprofits deliver funding for their core mission, Bryna continues to pursue her passion of helping mission-focused organizations effect positive change. When not working, Bryna can be found spending time outdoors running, cycling, and hiking with her family.

Meredith has always had a passion for work that makes an impact. Having spent over 7 years working in fundraising, she has gained extensive knowledge in marketing, peer-to-peer, events, and sponsorship and firmly believes that all successful fundraising strategies start with your data. Having experienced it first-hand, she understands the challenges nonprofits face when building a fundraising strategy and loves connecting with other like-minded fundraisers to brainstorm new and creative ways to leverage data to increase revenue. When not working, Meredith can be found trying out one of Toronto’s diverse restaurants, breaking a sweat in a spin class, or researching her next travel destination.

For as long as she can remember, Stephanie has been involved in the nonprofit industry. This passion for nonprofit fundraising and helping her community led her to study Human Rights and Social Justice. Stephanie continued her studies where she completed a Post Graduate Certification in Digital and Content Marketing. This is when she found she could combine both her love of marketing and nonprofit fundraising. When not at work, you can find Stephanie walking with her dog and exploring all her city’s walking trails.

Maggie’s unmatched curiosity led her from small town Pennsylvania to exploring the various cultures, flavors, and ideas all around the world. This curiosity, coupled with an empathy for her fellow earthlings, led Maggie to a life committed to the nonprofit and humanitarian sector. When she attempts to set down this activist hat to ‘relax’ (never actually happens), you can find her crafting, immersed in a new workout fad, meditating in the middle of the woods, cooking up some curry, or getting picked on by her older brothers via Facetime.

Passionate about science and technology during his 20-year career building custom software, GB understands how vital the human side of software development is, in making a great product while understanding users’ needs. In his free time, GB enjoys barbecuing with friends and family and playing tabletop RPG’s.

Aayesha Shrestha

Full Stack Developer

Aayesha is a full stack developer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is an observer and enjoys using her attention to detail for problem solving and troubleshooting issues. Out of office, she’s actively involved in a not-for-profit organization, Women Leaders in Technology, where they help young girls in the tech field to shape their careers. In 2019, Aayesha and her friends started the Safer-I campaign, focused on creating a safer digital space for everyone through workshops, advocacy and social media awareness.

As an aspiring Machine Learning Engineer, Mike is passionate about building impactful products that transform people’s lives. Mike’s experience as a Full Stack Developer provides him with a deep understanding of scalability, usability, and business values. At KIT, Mike utilizes his Machine Learning knowledge and software skills to implement innovative tools to empower organizations.

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