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Enhanced Data.
Accurate Predictions.
Informed Fundraising.

Predictive analytics, built specifically for nonprofit fundraisers.
KIT identifies trends within your data and provides predictions and insights on your donors, and their giving behavior.
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KIT Starts Working For You Instantly

KIT integrates directly into your current CRM database, as well as leading donor communication and wealth intelligence tools to seamlessly enable you to leverage the power of AI and unlock the capabilities of your data, so you can start raising more.

Identify Opportunities In Your Data

Harnessing the power of machine learning, KIT scans records in seconds to uncover patterns and trends in your database, gauge your progress towards goals, and visualize what your data is telling you, for better decision making across your organization.
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Optimize Your Ask

Powerful predictive analytics and donor insights show you which of your donors are most engaged with your initiatives, while informing you who to reach out to, how much to ask for, and when to do it.

Optimize your campaigns and start converting more one time donors to recurring givers by reaching the right donors, at the right time.

Prioritize Your Day-To-Day Fundraising Work

Find out exactly where to prioritize your fundraising efforts daily, with real-time, AI-powered newsfeeds and dashboards presenting you with opportunities as KIT uncovers them.

Save time through more efficient fundraising, and allow KIT to guide your fundraising initiatives, so you can start building stronger relationships with your donors and raising more money.
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