KIT is a fundraising analytics tool that integrates with your CRM database to identify, segment and prioritize donors ready to make a bigger impact.
KIT interface showing a donor, their score and 2 predictions

Fundraisers using KIT’s technology saw an average annual revenue increase of 46% in 2020.

How KIT Works

KIT connects directly to leading CRMs and wealth screening tools in minutes. After integrating, your data will feed into KIT’s AI-powered features, providing you with new predictions, reporting tools, and segmentation capabilities.

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KIT integrating with Raiser's Edge, Salesforce, Keela, and Neon CRM
KIT integrating with Raiser's Edge, Salesforce, Keela, and Neon CRM

Find the Major Donors Hidden in Your Database

KIT identifies contacts with the capacity, interest, and giving behavior to become your next major donor. Segment and prioritize these contacts with KIT’s Major Donor Score feature. 

Segment Your Contacts With Ease

Segment your donors based on profile details or KIT’s insights and predictions. Make a prioritized list of donors who are most likely to respond to direct mail, ready to give next week, or ready to give a major gift. 

Track Performance Of Your Key Fundraising Metrics

With KIT’s customizable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards, you can measure your most important fundraising metrics and compare to industry benchmarks.

Key fundraising metrics showing donor lifetime value, rolling donor retention, and average gift size
A contact with a very high potential to give monthly with a score of 85

Identify Contacts Ready to Become Monthly Donors

KIT analyzes donation and interaction data to identify your best monthly donor prospects. Segment and prioritize these contacts with KIT’s Monthly Donor Score feature.

Download Presentation-Ready Reports in Seconds

Let KIT prepare for your next meeting! KIT’s presentation-ready reports summarize your fundraising success from every angle.

Report showing number of donations (single vs. recurring)
Recurring donors represent about 14% of our donor base which is
about 8% higher than the industry benchmark.

Download KIT’s FREE Fundraising Tools and Resources

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Donor Segmentation Template

Use this donor segmentation template to segment your contacts and donors based on their level of engagement.