Increase your online donation revenue.

Get fundraising tools that help you acquire, steward and engage with every donor in your database. Fundraising KIT’s Donation Pages and KIT Insights personalize giving experiences so donors stay and grow with your organization.
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How Fundraising KIT Works

Fundraising KIT’s products, KIT Donation Pages and KIT Insights, plug directly into your existing CRM. Whether you’re syncing new donation records to your database, identifying existing supporters with capacity to give, or tracking fundraising progress, KIT tools save you time and resources in the quest to increase revenue.

Fundraising Tools Chosen by Savvy Nonprofits from All Over the World

Turn Donors into Lifetime Supporters with KIT Donation Pages

Fundraising KIT’s Donation Pages make it easy to offer modern, personalized, and intuitive online giving experiences for your donors. Our donation pages platform delivers a great donor experience with tools that bridge the gap between data, technology and donor needs.

Customize your pages and increase gift size with: recurring gift prompts, personalized giving ranges, impact areas, tribute dedications, automatic tax receipts, thank you letters, QR codes, social sharing, and so much more!

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Explore Fundraising KIT’s Custom Donation Pages

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Take the Guesswork out of Stewardship with KIT Insights

KIT Insights is a tool that helps you make sense of your donor data. KIT identifies gaps in your records, and shows you clearly which donors need attention. Just plug in your CRM, and with our data science and a little bit of magic, discover how to gain more donations.

Prioritize your database to: find your next major donor, secure more monthly donors, re-engage lapsed donors, improve your retention rate, tailor communication outreach, and more!

Stop Losing Donation Revenue

On average, less than 1 in 6 people who land on a donation page are actually going to make a donation. With Fundraising KIT’s donation pages we help nonprofits increase revenue by 4x.

Maximize your fundraising efforts with: technology that uses data to create custom asks, donor centric and easy-to-use experiences, branded and embedded pages inspiring and satisfying supporters.

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Customer Success Stories

Real examples of how Fundraising KIT’s products are empowering nonprofits to raise 4x more revenue. Saw a 260% Increase In Number of Recurring Donors Using Fundraising KIT

The team needed to acquire more recurring donors to navigate the challenges of the pandemic. Learn how Fundraising KIT helped them do just that.


How SheJumps Nurtured 1,700 Contacts to Become Active Donors Using Fundraising KIT

SheJumps has successfully nurtured relationships with more than 1,700 event attendees and turned them into active donors. Read their story to find out more.


How Backpack Buddies Raised 60% More Annual Revenue using Fundraising KIT

Using Fundraising KIT, Backpack Buddies raised 60% more than their average annual revenue. Read their story and learn how you can raise more too.


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