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Fundraising KIT is for nonprofits using a CRM that are looking to raise more money and increase staff capacity. We currently integrate with RE NXT, Salesforce and NeonOne but are constantly adding new integration partners!

Fundraising KIT is a cloud based platform that helps nonprofits raise more for their cause. With Fundraising KIT, your nonprofit can increase online donation revenue using tools that help acquire, steward and engage with every donor in your database, so they stay and grow with your organization. Built by a nonprofit leader for the nonprofit community, our toolkit plugs right into your existing database where our suite of tools identifies supporters that are ready to give, easily segments your donors for targeted communications, and helps you track fundraising progress, all while saving time and resources in the quest to increase revenue.

On average, nonprofits that use Fundraising KIT increase their annual revenue by 46% in the first year. If that’s not enough, Fundraising KIT will take the guesswork out of your fundraising campaigns and remove admin work from your teams so that they can invest their time where it matters most, connecting with your donors!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence and cognition. It is the process of using a computer to automate tasks previously done by humans.

Machine Learning is the underlying process of AI, that allows machines to analyze data and learn it to self-improve, in order to identify patterns in data and predict outcomes. Through machine learning, computers can find trends that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

For nonprofits, harnessing the power of AI and machine learning means that tasks that would normally take hours or days to complete, can be automated and done in a matter of seconds or minutes, allowing fundraisers to get back to what matters – engaging their donors. Through machine learning, predictions can be made that show fundraisers which donors to speak to, and optimize their fundraising.

Fundraising KIT analyzes your historical data and is trained to pick trends that are likely to repeat in the future to solve problems that fundraisers face everyday for example, who is likely to donate, how much are they likely to give, and how much is our organization expected to bring in this year.

Fundraising KIT provides fundraisers with information and insights on their donors by aggregating the data within their CRM with external data collected through social media, donor communications and wealth intelligence tools. Fundraising KIT also uses this data internally to build it’s machine learning models, so that it can continue to learn and predict behaviors.

For example, Fundraising KIT uses data that exists on your donors such as how much a donor has given to other similar charities, their net worth, if they live in a neighborhood with a high propensity to give, and combines that with your data related to a donor’s giving history with your nonprofit, to give you a stronger understanding of each donor.

Fundraising KITs algorithms use state of the art machine learning technology. These algorithms are built with the fundraiser in mind. We start by looking at the problem to solve and we try to build out a solution that uses the best practices from the sector. This is our benchmark for our algorithms. Our algorithms should perform better than the current best practices.

The ML algorithms are built by training on a model on historical data to solve the problem at hand. For example we can train our model on donation data to find the times when donors are most likely to give. Once a model is built it can be used to make predictions for new data.

Integration / Database Updates

In short, it’s not a CRM at all! Fundraising KIT integrates with your CRM. That’s right, our toolkit plugs right into your existing database where our suite of tools identifies supporters that are ready to give, allows you to segment donors for targeted communications, and helps you track fundraising progress, all while saving time and resources in the quest to increase revenue.

No, Fundraising KIT is a read only product, meaning that it pulls all of its data directly from your CRM. This means that you don’t have to worry about duplicate records or changes being made to your database from different sources.


As many as you want. Fundraising KIT allows for unlimited users within Fundraising KIT, so each member of your organization can customize it according to their preferences and needs.

Yes, as the administrator, you can edit your preferences and change administrative permissions when a new user is added from your organization. You can also tailor Fundraising KIT’s layout and information based on your role & responsibilities, meaning that you only see the data that is important to you


Onboarding costs are already included in the pricing, so you won’t get any hidden extra fees once you sign up for Fundraising KIT.

All Fundraising KIT contracts are annual contracts, billed monthly.

We accept credit card payments, bank transfer and direct deposits as forms of payment.

Yes – Fundraising KIT integrates with various leading wealth screening and donor communication tools. To learn more about our integration partners, click here

Of course. You can update your plan at any time, just contact a member of our customer care team and they will help you make any changes needed!

We can likely make it work with what you’ve got! To make the most out of Fundraising KIT, nonprofits will need a minimum of 3000 records and 2 years of donation data along with some basic contact info such as name, email and address. That’s it!

Once Fundraising KIT has been integrated with your CRM, your records will be compared against nearly 4 million anonymized non-profit transactions to find patterns. Our development team will then analyze your organization’s model, and help you understand your predictions.

At Fundraising KIT, we take privacy as seriously as you do. We comply with security and data storage regulations, and regularly audit our infrastructure based on the latest security guidelines. We are PIPEDA compliant, and ensure to store data in the country in which you operate. Any data in Fundraising KIT is hosted and protected through Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud’s security systems to keep your organization’s information secure. You can learn more here

We’re always happy to answer any other questions you might have ! Just fill out our Talk To Us form, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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