Free Fundraising Tools

2022 Fundraising Salaries Guide

Get access to a comprehensive breakdown of nonprofit fundraisers’ salaries in the United States and Canada.

Donor Profile Template

Use this template to track important information about your prospects so you can identify the right donors for your next fundraising campaign.

Donor Segmentation Template

Use this donor segmentation template to segment your contacts and donors based on their level of engagement.

Fundraising Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard will help you track the metrics that matter and assess your fundraising campaign’s performance over time.

Planned Giving Prospect Ranking Tool

Use this tool to rank your planned giving prospects and use your findings to assist you in making a smart ask for a charitable bequest.

Nonprofit Annual Report Template

Use this template to get started on your next annual report. With this template you will be able to demonstrate your impact to stakeholders, assess your team’s performance over the past year and create a shareable template.

Gift Range Calculator

Use this gift range calculator to help you predict how much you will raise from your prospects. This tool works for campaigns, annual revenue estimates or fundraising events!

Cash Flow Projections Template

Use this template to monitor financial trends that could impact your organization’s cash position.

Guide To Artificial Intelligence

Gain a comprehensive understanding of AI, how AI-powered analytics tools work and how you can apply AI to your everyday fundraising.

Thank You Letter Templates

Use these templates to help guide your next thank you messages to your donors.

Donor Lifetime Value Calculator

Learn what donor lifetime value really means, how you can calculate and use it to make better fundraising decisions.

Donor Moves Management Template

Learn how a donor moves management fundraising strategy and KIT’s predictions can help you increase donor retention and average gift size.

5 Email Templates to Boost Recurring Donations

Use these templates to encourage more donors to join your recurring donor program.

Advanced Donor Retention Rate Calculator

Use the calculator to better understand what types of donors your organization has the ability to retain.

Post-Event Survey Guide

Use this guide after your next fundraising event to gather pertinent data that will help you drive future fundraising success.