Free Fundraising Tools

Major Donor Profile Template

Use this template to track essential major donor information like wealth indicators and giving histories.

Advanced Donor Retention Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to find out which donor groups tend to stop giving so you can plan how to win them back!

Donor Segmentation Template

Use this donor segmentation template to segment your contacts and donors based on their level of engagement.

Fundraising Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard will help you track the metrics that matter and evaluate your fundraising performance over time.

Donor Moves Management Template

Use this template to track your fundraising tasks systematically and develop more meaningful relationships with donors.

Donor Profile Template

Use this template to track important information about your prospects so you can identify the right donors for your next fundraising campaign.

Donor Lifetime Value Calculator

Use this calculator to learn the amount the average donor will contribute throughout their lifetime with your nonprofit.

5 Email Templates to Boost Recurring Donations

Use these templates to encourage more donors to join your recurring monthly giving program.

Gift Range Calculator

Use this calculator to predict how much you’ll raise from your donors across different giving levels for your next fundraising event, campaign, or fiscal year!

Thank You Letter Templates

Use these templates to help guide your next thank you messages to your donors and raise more.

Cash Flow Projections Template

Use this template to project your organization’s revenue trends and understand your financial position.

Planned Giving Prospect Ranking Tool

Use this tool to rank your planned giving prospects and prioritize your outreach for charitable bequest appeals.

Nonprofit Annual Report Template

Use this annual report template to demonstrate impact to stakeholders, communicate your team’s performance, and create a shareable report.

2023 Fundraising Salaries Guide

Get access to a comprehensive breakdown of nonprofit fundraisers’ salaries in the United States and Canada.

Post-Event Survey Guide

Use this guide after your next fundraising event to gather pertinent information that’ll help you drive future fundraising success.

A group of people in conversation around table

Guide To Artificial Intelligence

Gain a comprehensive understanding of AI, how AI-powered analytics tools work and how you can apply AI to your everyday fundraising.

5 Fundraising Trends to Get Ahead in 2023

Download this e-guide and learn the top trends to ensure your nonprofit is prepared for the future.

5 Fundraising Email Templates to Win Back Lapsed Donors

Download these templates to re-engage lapsed donors so that they can keep contributing to your cause.

The Major Gifts Fundraising Playbook

Gain a comprehensive understanding of major gift fundraising and how it fits into your campaign strategy.

A Guide to Donor Retention

Use this guide to donor retention to build long-term donor relationships so you can retain more donors.

A Guide to Creating Your Nonprofit’s Second Gift Strategy

Use this guide to build and execute a solid second gift fundraising strategy.

The Ultimate Year-End Fundraising Checklist

Use this year-end fundraising checklist and delight donors and raise more for your mission.

Guide to Recession-Proofing Your Nonprofit

Get on top of the upcoming recession, so your nonprofit doesn’t lose $41 billion in donations like others did in the last recession.

The Complete Giving Tuesday Toolkit

This complete campaign toolkit will help you set up donation pages, events, social media, and email campaigns and includes handy timelines and templates to keep you on track.

3 Email Templates to Ask For Donations During a Recession

We’ve put together 3 email templates to help ensure that your donors continue to stand by your side when times get tough.