Insights from the KIT team, and expert guests, on the world of AI, data analytics and fundraising.

Social Listening: Analyzing Social Media and Donors

Learn how KIT’s newest feature – social listening – will help you spot more fundraising opportunities within your social media and donor base.

How to Write the Perfect Thank You Message for Donors

Thanking donors is a critical part of fundraising. With this article, learn how to write the perfect thank you message for donors.

Nonprofit Capital Campaigns: A Guide for Fundraisers

Nonprofit capital campaigns are essential for raising funds for large projects and programs. Learn 5 best practices for planning your next capital campaign.

Free NonProfit Cash Flow Projection Template and Guidelines

This article covers why non-profit cash flow projection templates are important and provides you with a FREE template.

3 Nonprofit Fundraising Trends to Watch in 2022

Learn the nonprofit fundraising trends that will shape your organization’s 2022 fundraising strategy.

How to Create a Fund Development Plan

Fund development plans help nonprofit teams better align themselves so they can work together towards a common goal. Learn how to create one for your…

How to Convert More Donors to Your Recurring Donor Program

Learn how to develop your nonprofit's recurring donor program and secure more monthly donors to boost your fundraising ROI.

How to Build the Perfect Donor Relations Strategy

Learn how to develop the perfect donor relations strategy by following these five best practices.

9 Nonprofit Time Tracking Tools for Fundraisers

Learn the nonprofit time tracking tools that can help fundraisers maximize the limited time and resources available to them so they can be more productive.

Major Gifts Fundraising: A Comprehensive Guide for Fundraisers

Major gift fundraising is crucial to your nonprofit’s success. Find out how you can identify major donors and secure more major gifts in this guide.

How to Improve Your Nonprofit Fundraising Events Using Data

Learn how to leverage your nonprofit data to plan, manage and report on your fundraising events.

How Fundraisers Can Identify More Corporate Donors

Corporate sponsorships and partnerships can contribute significantly to your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. Learn how to identify ideal corporate donors.

How to Write the Perfect Annual Report For Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit annual reports are essential for communicating your organization’s performance over the past year. Learn how to create a report that highlights your progress.

The Case Against Nonprofit AI: Common Questions Answered and Myths Debunked

Get answers to common questions about the use of artificial intelligence in nonprofit organizations and find out how your nonprofit team can make the most…

How to Build a Planned Giving Program That Works

Planned Giving is the pinnacle of the donor journey. Learn how you can encourage long-term donors to contribute to your nonprofit’s planned giving program.

How to Predict Donor Behavior with Artificial Intelligence

Accurately predicting your donor behavior can help you understand what motivates donors to give so you can make the right ask and reach donors when…

What Your Existing Nonprofit Data Could and Should Tell You

Being a data-driven nonprofit means letting data guide your decision-making process and help you improve your fundraising strategies. Learn how to do that.

How To Measure Donor Engagement

Donor engagement is a function of how healthy your donor relationships and communications are. Learn how to calculate the donor engagement metrics that matter.

How to Create a Donor Acquisition Plan that Attracts Prospects

Learn six essential steps to creating a complete donor acquisition plan and strategy for your nonprofit so you can attract and engage more donor prospects.

How to Write a Comprehensive Nonprofit Fundraising Report

Get access to the 2022 fundraising salaries guide to learn how you can advocate for better compensation and salary transparency in the nonprofit sector.

2022 Fundraising Salaries Guide: How Much Do Nonprofit Fundraisers Make?

Get access to the 2022 fundraising salaries guide to learn how you can advocate for better compensation and salary transparency in the nonprofit sector.

How Higher Education Fundraisers Can Leverage Nonprofit AI

Artificial Intelligence helps higher education fundraisers take a technology-first approach and adapt their strategies to meet the new challenges they face.

Marketing Automation: A Guide to Smart Workflows for Fundraisers

Marketing automation is the key to creating smart workflows for your nonprofit’s team. Learn how fundraisers can take advantage of marketing automation tools.

How to Identify Your Nonprofit’s Planned Giving Prospects

Discover five planned giving indicators that help nonprofits and fundraisers identify their ideal planned giving prospects and secure more charitable bequests.

6 Ways Fundraisers and Nonprofits Can Earn Donors’ Trust

Learn six ways donor insights can help fundraisers build trust with donors and engage with them in a way that guarantees their long-term commitment.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your Millennial Fundraising Strategy

Learn how fundraisers and nonprofits can boost their millennial fundraising strategy, attract more millennial donors using AI-powered nonprofit tools.

A Fundraiser’s Guide to Creating Donor Profiles

Donor profiles outline important information about nonprofits’ ideal donors and help fundraisers target the right donors for the right campaigns

How Artificial Intelligence Improves Donor Retention

Donor Retention is a measure of how many donors nonprofits retain over time. Learn how Artificial Intelligence is helping nonprofits retain more donors.

How to Create a Comprehensive Prospect Research Strategy

Prospect research is key to fundraising success. Learn five steps fundraisers can take to create a comprehensive prospect strategy to reach more donors and supporters.

5 Ways to Avoid Nonprofit Decision Making Fatigue

Here’s how nonprofit leaders can address decision fatigue in themselves and their staff—with help from KIT, an AI-powered nonprofit analytics tool

The State of Artificial Intelligence in the Nonprofit Sector

Join Jack Showers and the team from the AI for Good Foundation as they share their thoughts on the state of artificial intelligence in the…

How to Plan and Complete a Fundraising Cycle

Fundraising intelligence strategies and tools can help you harness data and put it to work at every stage of the fundraising cycle.

How to Leverage Data-Driven Technology in Your Nonprofit

Join Jack Showers on this episode of KIT's Nonprofit Tech Talks as he chats with Steve Lee about the essential tools every nonprofit youth leader…

5 Nonprofit Artificial Intelligence Experts to Follow

Learn the nonprofit artificial intelligence experts every fundraiser needs to follow to get credible information on how to properly apply AI in their work.

How to Clean Up Your Nonprofit Database

Clean data is crucial to making the most of your nonprofit’s data. Learn donor database best practices so you can use your data to improve…

How to Improve Your Nonprofit Team’s Data Literacy

Data literacy can help your nonprofit team reach its potential. By creating a data-driven culture in your organization, you discover more growth opportunities.

5 Nonprofit Tasks That Can Be Automated using AI

Nonprofit Artificial Intelligence and Automation tools are reshaping the sector. Learn how these tools can improve and automate five nonprofit tasks.

7 Data Visualization Tools for Nonprofits

Nonprofit data visualization tools will help fundraisers identify trends and patterns in their fundraising and donor data to make more informed decisions.

11 Tools To Improve Your Nonprofit Team’s Productivity

With limited resources, nonprofit teams can take advantage of these essential nonprofit productivity tools to improve their efficiency and focus on work that matters.

How Fundraisers Can Use Donor Analytics to Raise More Funds

With the right Donor Analytics tool, fundraisers can target the right donors at the perfect time. Learn how donor analytics can help you raise funds.

Donor Stewardship: Making the Right Ask at the Right Time

Donor Stewardship is about nurturing your donor relationships properly so you can make the right ask at the right time. Learn tips to steward your…

5 Tools Every Nonprofit Youth Leader Should Use

Join Jack Showers on this episode of KIT's Nonprofit Tech Talks as he chats with Steve Lee about the essential tools every nonprofit youth leader…

How to Set Smart Fundraising Goals for Your Nonprofit

Streamline your goalsetting process and identify the most important factors to consider—for your organization and for the communities you serve

How to Communicate the Impact of Nonprofit AI to Your Board Members

You need your board’s support to get the most out of nonprofit AI tools. Learn tips that can help you communicate the impact of AI…

A Comprehensive Guide to Prospect Research

Prospect research is a fundraising technique that attracts major gift donors. Learn how AI tools can help your nonprofit take advantage of this technique.

7 Tips to Improve Fundraising Productivity

Explore 7 tips to help you improve your fundraising productivity, outputs and outcomes so you can work smarter, secure more funds and engage major donors.

How to Use Data-Driven Technology in Higher Education Fundraising

Huw Hallam, University of Oxford’s Senior Data and Insights Analyst, discusses how artificial intelligence and data science impacts higher education fundraising.

6 Fundraising Optimization Strategies to Increase Efficiency

Learn 6 key fundraising optimization strategies that can help your nonprofit efficiently grow its resources and build relationships with donors and stakeholders.

A Comprehensive Fundraising Assessment Guide for Nonprofits

Explore six fundraising assessment techniques that’ll help your nonprofit close gaps, discover new fundraising opportunities and secure more donations.

Why Data is Important in Fundraising for Nonprofits

Data-based fundraising techniques can set your nonprofit apart and help your team make better decisions. Learn the importance of data in fundraising.

How Fundraisers Can Benefit From Data Science

A basic understanding of data science can help fundraisers make sense of their donor data and campaign performance. Read this article to learn more benefits.

A Fundraiser’s Guide to Donor Segmentation

Donor Segmentation helps fundraisers understand how to engage with their donors better. Learn how to calculate and use your RFM score to secure more funds.

Guide to Prospect Research and Wealth Screening For Modern Fundraisers

Learn the prospect research and wealth screening tools used by fundraisers to advance their campaigns and reach their nonprofit's goals.

Intro to Predictive Fundraising Analysis for Nonprofits

Fundraisers can find more major donors and improve the quality of their future solicitations by applying predictive fundraising analysis techniques

Reflections on KIT’s Branding

Learn how the KIT design team developed the concept behind the nonprofit data-integration tool's branding.

A Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Fundraisers

To automate and optimize their nonprofit operations, fundraisers must understand the capabilities how AI works with people and transform nonprofit operations.

Fundraising Funnel Analysis With Benchmarks That Matter

The fundraising funnel consists of four key stages. Learn how to measure and assess your nonprofit's performance at each stage.

A Fundraiser’s Guide to Data Analytics

Using donor data analytics, fundraisers can discover new, creative ways to raise more funds and meet their organization's goals.

How Nonprofit Fundraising Professionals Use KIT

KIT is a data integration toolkit that represents a giant leap forward for nonprofit technology. Learn how fundraisers get the most of it.

The Future of Making the Ask: Introducing Fundraising Intelligence

KIT provides fundraisers with the fundraising intelligence they need to make the right ask, secure more donations and make significant impact.