Since 1969, the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) has rallied a committed community who all share a united vision of a world without liver disease. The CLF was the first organization in the world that was dedicated to funding research and education surrounding liver disease. Now more than 50 years later, their efforts have influenced changes in health policy, on-going education for hepatologists, and continued support services for patients and caregivers in need. 

With 1 in 4 Canadians potentially being affected by liver disease, the work that the CLF does in support of the prevention, treatment, and cure of liver disease is vital. Fundraising looked a little different 53 years ago, and the CLF recognizes that in order to continue their work for another successful 50 years, they need to adapt to an ever-evolving technological landscape. 

The CLF intends to utilize Fundraising KIT’s data-driven technologies in order to boost their monthly recurring giving program, track their fundraising success with Presentation-Ready Reporting, and find more major donors in their database.

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Jennifer Nebesky, President and CEO, at The Canadian Liver Foundation understands the importance of forming a community to champion your cause. 

 “It is that layer underneath, of not just understanding what the person’s name is and where they live, but what’s actually important to them.” 

Jennifer Nebesky

President and CEO | Canadian Liver Foundation

Jennifer is especially excited to have access to technology that would allow the CLF to get to know their donors’ on a deeper level.

With Fundraising KIT, you can take the guesswork out of fundraising and build an authentic and meaningful long-term connection with your donors. Rather than just appealing to the general public and hoping for a donation, you can use pertinent data to build a meaningful and sustainable community with like-minded individuals backing your core mission. 

Over 60% of donors value a personalized experience when interacting with nonprofits, and with Fundraising KIT’s insights, it has never been easier for you to segment and tailor your donors’ experience. With factors such as demographic data, understanding who is most likely to respond to direct mail, and knowing the best time of year to appeal to a donor, you can ensure you are always fostering authentic long-term relationships with your constituents.

Fundraising KIT’s Donor Segmentation Features

Thanks to Fundraising KIT’s technology, specifically tailored for nonprofits, organizations like the Canadian Liver Foundation are able to better understand their donor database to optimize their internal operations and overall fundraising strategy while growing their organization at scale. 

And they’re in good company! Other organizations, such as Take a Hike Foundation and the Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation, also see the importance of adopting data-driven technologies into their fundraising strategy. Talk to a fundraising expert today and learn more about how you can join other nonprofit organizations in increasing your annual fundraising revenue by over 46% in just one year!

What is Fundraising KIT?

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