Communicating fundraising success can be challenging and time-consuming, so it’s important to focus on the metrics that matter most. 

With Fundraising KITs Presentation-Ready Reports, you can highlight the most important elements of your fundraising strategy in just a few clicks. These reports help you reflect on the effectiveness of your fundraising strategy and identify areas for improvement. 

This article will cover what a Presentation-Ready Report is, why it matters, and how you can utilize this report with Fundraising KIT.

What Is Fundraising KIT’s Presentation-Ready Fundraising Report?

A fundraising report is a document that outlines your fundraising performance over a period of time. These reports have detailed frameworks that give you valuable insights to inform your fundraising decisions. 

Get Started With Presentation-Ready Reports

Using Fundraising KIT, you can turn your donor data into a sophisticated, presentation ready fundraising report in seconds. 

Fundraising KIT’s Presentation-Ready feature allows you to generate detailed fundraising reports that draw on up to five years’ worth of fundraising data. This reporting feature also allows you to quickly compare your current data to your benchmarks and measure progress. 

Additionally, you can set fundraising goals by identifying ways to engage with and build better relationships with your donors.

Example of Fundraising KIT’s Presentation-Ready Report

What Is Included in the Presentation-Ready Report?

Fundraising KIT’s fundraising reporting covers various key performance indicators. Below are the sections you’ll find within KIT’s Presentation-Ready Reports:

1. Executive overview of giving history

The “executive overview of giving history” section summarizes your organization’s fundraising progress year-over-year. This overview displays the fluctuations in your total revenue and the funding of different impact areas and campaigns at the core of your fundraising strategy.

2. Recurring donors

A recurring donor is someone who gives a predetermined donation amount to a nonprofit organization on a recurring basis. The recurring donor section compares the number of recurring versus single donations you’ve received and the difference in average gift size between those donations.

3. Gift sizes

Understanding the sizes of gifts you receive is critical for analyzing your fundraising strategy. In this section, you’ll gain a better understanding of the number of gifts your organization has received, average gift sizes, and the number of donations received by gift size.

4. Donor retention

Donor retention is a great metric to track because it measures the number of donors you’re able to retain within a period of time. This section provides valuable insights into donors who donated to your organization and have come back to donate again.

4. Donor acquisition

Donor acquisition is the metric used to track the number of new donors you acquire each year. This is an important metric to understand because of the high cost associated with acquiring new donors. In this section, you can assess the performance of your donor acquisition strategy to ensure that you’re engaging prospects affordably.

Download a FREE Donor Retention Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to determine which donor groups tend to stop giving, so you can put strategies in place to win them back.

The Presentation-Ready Report’s Benefits

Fundraising KIT’s Fundraising Report is an opportunity to delve deeper into your existing database and gain valuable insights into your donors and their preferences. With your database, you’re already tracking hundreds or even thousands of relationships and data points

KIT’s Presentation-Ready Fundraising Report contains a clear, concise, and easily digestible presentation of your data so you can quickly develop action items. 

Present this report to your board members, colleagues, or stakeholders to review the success of past strategies, maintain favorable results, and reverse negative trends.

How Should I Use the Presentation-Ready Report?

This report is designed to promote organizational growth and can be used as a guide to optimize your fundraising strategy. Additionally, this report can help you achieve the following:

  • Understand donor preferences
  • Nurture donor relationships
  • Grasp the health of your fundraising programs
  • Strategize future campaigns
A Recording of Fundraising KIT’s Webinar: 5 Fundraising Trends to Get Ahead in 2023

How Can I Get Started With KIT’s Presentation-Ready Report?

KIT’s software integrates directly into Salesforce, Keela, NeonOne, and Raiser’s Edge CRMs to turn your raw data into valuable insights and deliver actionable, presentation-ready reporting. 

Talk to a fundraising expert today to learn more about our Presentation-Ready Report feature and how KIT can help your organization maximize its fundraising potential.

Your nonprofit database is a wealth of information that informs your fundraising strategies and organizational success. With Fundraising KIT’s Presentation-Ready Reports, you can save hours of time and resources that would otherwise be spent on organizing and communicating your data. This means you’ll receive real-time, actionable insights that will drive the best fundraising results for your organization.

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