Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps nonprofit organizations manage their donor relationships and raise more for their cause.

But, there are additional features that can take your fundraising strategy to the next level – that’s where we come in!

Fundraising KIT connects directly with your Salesforce NPSP CRM, giving you direct access to AI-powered features like fundraising predictions, reporting tools, and donor segmentation.

This article will explain the Fundraising KIT for Salesforce integration, what KIT will add to the Salesforce platform, and how Salesforce users can get started with the integration.

What is the Fundraising KIT for Salesforce Integration?

Fundraising KIT is an AI-powered fundraising analytics tool that integrates directly with your CRM to help your nonprofit make a bigger impact. Also, the integration provides Salesforce NPSP with industry-leading donor predictions, contact segmentation, and fundraising reporting. KIT is powered by your data, so once you’re connected, sit back, relax, and let the AI do the work!

Setting up the integration takes just minutes! The integration adds Fundraising KIT directly into your Salesforce CRM so you can manage your fundraising intelligence in one place! Check out Fundraising KIT’s step-by-step guide to get started with your integration.

Talk to a fundraising expert today to learn more about how Fundraising KIT can quickly and easily help your nonprofit raise more for your cause.

What Fundraising KIT Adds to Salesforce NPSP

Being a data-driven fundraiser means making fundraising decisions influenced by data, not only by intuition or gut feeling. And, with thousands of data points being collected by your organization, it’s important that no piece of data goes unused.

Additionally, Fundraising KIT makes a valuable addition to Salesforce NPSP by offering AI-powered predictions and reporting features to ensure NPSP community members can always reach out to the right donors at the right time. For example, users can take advantage of KIT’s features such as Major Donor Score and Presentation-Ready Reporting.

First, Major Donor Score is an affinity score assigned to current and prospective donors within your CRM based on their likelihood of giving a major gift. Additionally. this feature analyzes giving histories and donor demographics to provide a segmented list of potential major donors. With this feature, major gift officers can better prioritize their work and identify the donors ready to make a bigger impact.

KIT Integration Feature: Major Donor Score
Major Donor Score Prediction Example

Keeping track of your fundraising performance is extremely important to measure your organization’s financial health and overall success. With Fundraising KIT, you can generate detailed presentation-ready fundraising reports that draw on up to five years worth of fundraising data. Once generated, you’ll have polished reports to compare your current data to your benchmarks and set tangible fundraising goals.

These features and Fundraising KIT’s other AI-powered predictions work harmoniously with your Salesforce CRM to support a data-driven fundraising strategy.

How Can I Get Fundraising KIT For Salesforce?

Now with KIT available to Salesforce users, your CRM will be a one-stop solution for all your nonprofit’s organizational needs.

Talk to a fundraising expert today to learn more about how Fundraising KIT can help your organization turn its raw data into a strategic fundraising strategy and maximize your fundraising success.

What is Fundraising KIT?

With Fundraising KIT, you’ll be able to successfully manage your day-to-day operations while simultaneously working as a data-driven fundraiser. The KIT integration for Salesforce will give you real-time, actionable insights to help you drive the best fundraising results for your organization.

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