Find the hidden gems in your database.

Fundraising KIT puts your prospects with the highest potential at the forefront, removing the guesswork from your fundraising strategies.
2 people looking a tablet alongside snapshots of Fundraising KIT's time fo year and monthly donor score predictions

Fundraising KIT’s Features

Donor Predictions

Using engagement data, wealth indicators and donor-giving trends, Fundraising KIT helps you connect with your donors to make the right ask at the right time.

Identify Your Next Major Donor

Fundraising KIT identifies the contacts in your database with the capacity to become your next major donor and assigns them a major donor score, the higher the score, the stronger the prospect!

A contact with a very high potential to give monthly with a score of 86

Identify Your Next Monthly Donor

Fundraising KIT helps you build sustainable revenue strategies by pinpointing your high-potential monthly donors and assigning them a monthly donor score.

Re-Engage Lapsed Donors

Fundraising KIT shows you which of your lapsed donors are most likely to re-engage with you and which donors are on the verge of becoming lapsed, allowing you to act quickly to save that revenue!

Donor Insights

Fundraising KIT’s donor insights let you see up to date donation history and interactions from your donors, such as email clicks and open rates, to analyze meaningful information, improve your campaigns, and raise more!

Donor Engagement Analysis

Fundraising KIT analyzes your donors’ giving histories and other engagement data to identify your most engaged donors and those in danger of lapsing, allowing your team to start stewarding them immediately.

List showing contacts, their RFMscore, and smart ask
Social listening newsfeed showing mentions from twitter

Social Listening (New)

See who is tagging and mentioning your nonprofit on social media. Our Social Listening tools monitor Twitter data to show you how your nonprofit is being mentioned and help you spread awareness via social network channels. Understanding who is interested in your cause on social media will help you identify more people interested in your cause.

Donor Segmentation

Want to segment your donors by location? No problem. By giving amount? We’ve got you covered? By any other criteria? Our pleasure! Fundraising KIT makes segmentation easy, meaning that you can effectively communicate with the donors you’re looking to engage.

Segmented list showing contacts with email as their preferred contact method

More Data = Better Predictions

As you continue to build your database, Fundraising KIT’s insights and predictions become more accurate, allowing your teams to gain a deeper understanding of your donors.

Fundraising Tracking

Fundraising KIT tracks your fundraising performance, so you don’t have to! With just a few clicks, you can review your metrics for success or even download a presentation-ready fundraising report.

Report showing anuual donation amounts from 2018-2022 in a bar graph

Presentation-Ready Reports

Fundraising KIT tracks your fundraising performance so you can you spend less time drowning in spreadsheets. With just a few clicks, you can review your metrics for success and export them into a visually appealing package!

Key Performance Indicator Dashboards

With Fundraising KIT’s customizable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards, you can measure your most important fundraising metrics and compare them to industry benchmarks.

Nonprofit Organizations using Fundraising KIT’s technology see an average annual revenue increase of 46% in their first year.