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Predictive Analytics

Accurate, actionable forecasting to drive your organization forward.

AI-Powered Newsfeeds

Get notified of all your important fundraising opportunities, and take action in real-time.

KPI Dashboards

Customize your dashboard for control over the metrics that are most important to you.

Presentation-Ready Report Builder

Seamlessly visualize your organization’s performance.

Learn how KIT plugs seamlessly into your current systems, and how you can use KIT to fit your organizations individual fundraising needs.

Predictive Analytics

Accurate, actionable forecasting to drive your organization forward.

AI-Powered Predictions

KIT analyzes your data to understand your donors and their giving trends, as well as the outside factors that influence their decision-making.

Using this information, KIT provides accurate predictions on your organization’s growth and revenue capabilities. With real-time analysis, KIT ensures you are reaching out to the right people at the right time.
The Predictions tab in KIT
this is an icon for donation forecasting

Donation Forecasting

Accurate donor forecasting tools, complete with customizable adjustments, show the full scope of your organization’s potential.

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Donor Score

Segment and prioritize your donors to determine who’s most engaged and who you most need to reach out to.

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Donor Readiness

Know how likely your donors are to give within the next two weeks and never miss the opportunity to reach out to highly engaged donors.

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Transaction Types

Gain insight into where your donations are likely to come from this year and focus your efforts where they’re needed most.

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Time of Year

Learn which months of the year your contacts are most likely to donate to make informed & strategic requests.

A contact profile in KIT

Contact Insights

KIT sees patterns in your data that humans can’t, and enables you to treat every constituent like a major donor.

Contact insights combine personalized insights with AI groupings to enable predictions that are not only accurate, but get smarter over time. KIT insights offer an unmatched overview of your donors, and how engaged they are with your fundraising efforts.
this is an icon for capacity to give

Capacity to Give

Utilizing demographics data, KIT provides insight into donor wealth, background and potential to give. Identify high-value donors, prioritize your efforts, and maximize your fundraising capabilities.

this is an icon for smart ask

Smart Ask

Based on your contacts’ donation history and their giving capacity, KIT ensures you ask for the right amount, from every contact, every time.

this is an icon for campaign recommendations

Campaign Recommendations

Discover prime donors for all of your campaigns based on their likelihood to give and make informed donation requests.


Engagement State

Understand how engaged your donors are by analyzing their ability to give, as well as their physical and digital interactions with your organization.


Best Way To Reach Out

Tailor your donors' communication and ensure you are always using a contact’s preferred method of communication.

this is an icon for general updates

General Updates

In each donor profile, you’ll get a snapshot of donation history, contact information, and segments they belong to.

AI-Powered Newsfeeds

Get notified of all your important fundraising opportunities, and take action in real-time.
this is an icon for key predictions

Key predictions, insights and donor interactions

Within your homepage, select and set your individual preferences and get updates on the metrics or donor activity that is important to your mission.

this is an icon for customized newsfeed

Customize what is prioritized within your newsfeed

Never miss an opportunity to reach out to high priority donors or act when your data indicates the time is right.

The contacts Dashboard in KIT

Aggregated Newsfeed

A detailed and live timeline of the most important events occurring within your organization, aggregated according to relevance and potential value.

Get immediate access to any interactions your donors and volunteers have with your organization. You'll have access to key metrics and statistics as well as key notifications on the following:

Predictions Newsfeed

Dive into your data with newsfeeds that showcase key information from KIT’s donor analytics & insights.

As KIT’s AI-powered tools uncover new opportunities hidden within your data, they are presented to you in real-time, enabling you to reach out to the right donors at the right time.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards

Customizable, real-time insights on the data that matters.

Track your organizations’ performance in one place

Customize your dashboard and always have control over the metrics that are most important to you.

this is an icon for campaign recommendations

Set & automatically track fundraising goals

Compare KPIs to previous time frames and see how your organization compares to industry benchmarks.

Focus your efforts where they are most needed

KIT presents your data in easy-to-understand graphs, revealing how each metric impacts your fundraising.

The KPIs Dashboard in KIT

Donor KPIs

Better understand your donors so you can reach out to them when they need it the most. Use KIT’s insights and detailed metrics to understand your newly acquired donors, your donors’ engagement levels and which of your donors are in danger of lapsing.

Fundraising KPIs

Get the most out of your fundraising efforts by tracking all of the key metrics on your donations. Understand where your donations come from and what it means for future fundraising.
The KPIs Dashboard in KIT

Email Marketing KPIs

Dive deeper into your email marketing campaigns. Analyze the performance of your communication with donors to maximize the strength of your message and effectiveness of your campaigns.
The reporting Dashboard in KIT

Presentation-Ready Report Builder

Seamlessly demonstrate your organization’s performance with KIT’s powerful report-building tools. KIT analyzes your data for you, so you can get back to the conversations that matter.

Build presentation ready, custom reports by selecting metrics, filters, and time frames of your choice. Or, harness the power of KIT with key industry reports, available in one click.

Customizable Report Builder

Unlock the power of your data and mold it to your needs by creating informative, easy-to-understand reports from scratch. Simply select from a host of widgets, with key data on your donors, volunteers and donation history at your fingertips.

Once you’ve selected the parameters and time frame of your report, choose from an array of filters you want to understand and let KIT build you branded reports that outline all of your most important metrics.

One-Click, Presentation Ready Reports

Select from key industry report templates and let KIT create high-value, personalized reports, detailing your impact in a clear and concise document, at the click of a button.

Save time compiling data for complicated reports. With KIT, all your organization’s important information is accessible and easy to organize. Create reports that motivate those around you to make accurate, data-driven decisions.

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