Unlock your database’s full potential.

Use KIT to identify donors ready to give, segment contacts for appeals, report on fundraising success, and so much more.
KIT interface showing a donor, their monthly score and 2 predictions

Donor Predictions

KIT analyzes donor-giving trends, interactions, and wealth indicators to ensure you reach out to the right contacts at the right time.

Identify Major Donors Hidden in Your Database

KIT identifies contacts with the capacity, interest, and giving behavior to become your next major donor. Segment and prioritize these contacts with KIT’s Major Donor Score feature.

A contact with a very high potential to give monthly with a score of 86

Identify Contacts Ready to Become Monthly Donors

KIT analyzes donation and interaction data to identify your best monthly donor prospects. Segment and prioritize these contacts with KIT’s Monthly Donor Score feature.

Donor Insights

KIT’s insights provide real-time updates on donor engagement and giving capacity to help fundraisers identify high-value donors and maximize appeals.

Donor Engagement Analysis

KIT analyzes donation histories and other interactions to identify your most engaged donors and those who need more attention.

Social listening newsfeed showing mentions from twitter

Social Listening (New)

KIT’s newest feature, Social Listening, monitors Twitter data to study digital campaign performance, analyze donor engagement, and identify users interested in your cause.

Donor Segmentation

Segment your donors based on KIT’s insights, predictions, and demographic data. Make a prioritized list of donors who are most likely to respond to direct mail, ready to give next week, or prepared to make a major gift.

Segmented list showing contacts with email as their preferred contact method

Powered by Industry-Leading Artificial Intelligence

KIT’s insights and predictions become more accurate over time as our machine learning model determines what data points are most relevant to your fundraising success.

Fundraising Reporting

KIT tracks your fundraising performance, so you don’t have to! With just a few clicks, you can review your metrics for success or even download a presentation-ready fundraising report.

Key Performance Indicator Dashboards

With KIT’s customizable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards, you can measure your most important fundraising metrics and compare them to industry benchmarks.

Report showing anuual donation amounts from 2018-2022 in a bar graph

Presentation-Ready Report Builder

KIT analyzes donation and interaction data to Let KIT prepare you for your next meeting! KIT’s presentation-ready reports summarize your fundraising success from every angle. Download as a PDF with just one click.

Fundraisers using KIT’s technology saw an average annual revenue increase of 46% in 2020.