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How SheJumps Nurtured 1,700 Contacts to Become Active Donors Using Fundraising KIT 

SheJumps was founded in 2007 around the idea of “If she can do it, so can I.”

What started as a support system for female athletes has ballooned into a thriving community of women coming together to participate in safe, fun, and educational outdoor activities that nurture growth and transformation. 

SheJumps empowers women and girls to take risks in the outdoors, enabling them to break through fears and barriers in life so they can grow to their full potential. None of which would be possible without the commitment and dedication of their 170+ volunteers across North America, according to Angela Crampton, Marketing and Partnerships Manager.


As a women-led charitable organization, SheJumps has spent the last 15 years creating more than 36,000 opportunities for women and girls to step outside their comfort zone and connect with nature.

However, when the pandemic struck, since the organization relies predominantly on in-person events, it could no longer cultivate the necessary relationships with donors, volunteers, and community partners. Instead, the SheJumps team had to pivot to digital methods. They had a mailing list of 8,000+ contacts, and the team needed a way to nurture this growing mailing list and convert them to active donors.

Headshot of Angela Crampton

“We really want to continue to connect with our community. With the pandemic, we realized a need to do [this] not only at in-person events but also through digital activations.”

Angela Crampton, Marketing and Partnerships Manager at SheJumps


Rather than risk regressing on the progress they had made in their communities, Angela and the SheJumps team turned to Fundraising KIT’s suite of data-driven tools to paint a clearer picture of who their supporters were, and how they could best steward them to donating. 

Since Fundraising KIT integrates directly with the team’s nonprofit CRM, they could quickly and easily segment their contacts and prioritize outreach efforts. Angela and her team began by filtering contacts by their Donor Scores and engagement states, creating lists for targeted appeals. These scores enable fundraisers to determine who to ask for a donation and what type of gift they’d be willing to give, whether it be a one-off, monthly, or even a major gift.

By combining other KIT insights like Time of Year and Best Way to Reach out, this highlighted the month a contact would most likely donate and how each donor wanted to be contacted. These giving insights worked together to give the SheJumps team a leg-up on their stewardship efforts. 

Finally, when it came time to make the ask, the SheJumps team was able to make a bigger impact by deploying Fundraising KIT’s Smart Ask feature. This tool analyzes contacts’ donation history, wealth, and engagement data and suggests an amount to ask each donor; this removes the risk of under- or over-asking for a gift. 

For the SheJumps team, this meant they didn’t need to be face-to-face with their donors to better understand their capacity to give. Instead, these ranges were automatically compiled on each donor profile.


Using Fundraising KIT’s wealth screening, giving behavior predictions, and donor segmentation insights, the SheJumps identified prospects within their database and stewarded the right contacts at the right time. 

Within 18 months, they stewarded relationships with 1,700 contacts and encouraged them to become active donors. As a result, they also raised almost $250,000 in total donations.

“We used Fundraising KIT to create targeted segments to new and existing donors with targeted messages. We utilize Fundraising KIT campaigns and forms for nearly all our individual giving efforts. We can trace nearly $250,000 of donation revenue from your forms throughout our time using Fundraising KIT.”

Despite the pandemic, Angela and the SheJumps team diversified their fundraising efforts while deepening their relationships with new and existing donors. They have experienced higher donor retention rates across the board, raised more funds per campaign, and most importantly, can continue their mission to help women and girls become self-sufficient in the outdoors.

Take the Guesswork out of Stewardship with KIT


Fundraising KIT is a data-driven toolkit that helps nonprofits raise more for their cause. By integrating KIT with your nonprofit database, you can identify supporters ready to give, segment donors for targeted communications, and track fundraising progress, all while saving time and resources in the quest to increase revenue.