Prevent donor lapse before it’s too late.

A 10% increase in donor retention can increase the lifetime value of your donor base by 200%.

Say goodbye another day! Fundraising KIT’s Donor Lapse Score minimizes donor turnover by highlighting contacts in your database who are likely to stop giving.

Improve Your Retention Rate

Every donor is important, no matter how big or how frequent their gift. Boost your donor retention across the board by knowing who is losing interest in your organization and reaching out to re-engage them right away.

Re-engage Lapsed and At-Risk Donors

Fundraising KIT shows you which of your lapsed donors are most likely to re-engage and which donors are on the verge of becoming lapsed, allowing you to prioritize your outreach and act quickly to save that revenue.

A list of donors that are unlikely or very unlikely to lapse

Build Your Monthly Giving Program

The easiest supporters to steward towards your next campaign are those already in your system. By segmenting your donors that have a low likelihood to lapse, you’ll identify a strong list of prospects to steward into a recurring giving program.

Protect Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue is your financial safety net. Safeguard it by re-engaing recurring donors that have not been interacting with your organization lately. Remind them of their impact to ensure their consistent support continues.

A section of Fundraising KIT's interface showing a recurring donor who is very likely to lapse
A sample of a fundraising forecast graph that has been adjusted based on churn rate

See Where the Risk Lies

How many donors have the potential to lapse in your database? Using our Fundraising Forecasting tool, you’ll be able to proactively see how a certain number of lapsed donors will affect your short and longterm revenue.

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How it Works: Fundraising KIT’s Machine Learning for Nonprofits

Fundraising KIT’s first-of-its-kind machine learning algorithm ensures that all our Donor Scores become more accurate over time. The more you use Fundraising KIT, the smarter the tool gets, and the more you raise!


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