Identify major donors hidden in your database.

88% of all nonprofit funding comes from just 12% of donors.

Your next major donor is hiding in your database. Whether you’re starting a capital campaign or wanting to prioritize your portfolio, our Major Donor Score will help identify your contacts that show potential to give their first major gift.

Maximize Every Interaction

Fundraising KIT helps paint a clearer picture of who your donors are by combining  giving insights, interactions and donation data. You can use these insights to understand each donor even better as you work to cultivate your next major gift.

Discover Your Best Major Donors

Major donors come in all shapes and sizes. Customize what a major donor looks like to your organization and our technology will give you a list of donors in your database who have a high likelihood of saying yes to your next major gift appeal.

Create Personalized Outreach Plans

Tailor your outreach and raise more with every appeal. Our technology showcases up-to-date demographic data, giving history and interaction information, so you can segment your donors for more personal stewardship.

Open the Door for Streamlined Stewardship

Fundraising KIT automatically builds smart lists that rank contacts based on their Major Donor Score, letting you create targeted outreach campaigns aimed at converting the right donors, at the right time.

Understand Your Impact

Track the health of your major donor pipeline with sector-specific KPIs and benchmarks. You’ll be able to set goals and see how your stewardship strategies are progressing over time.  

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How it Works: Fundraising KIT’s Machine Learning for Nonprofits

Fundraising KIT’s first-of-its-kind machine learning algorithm ensures that all our Donor Scores become more accurate over time. The more you use Fundraising KIT, the smarter the tool gets, and the more you raise!


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