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How The Love Quilt Project Raised Over $50,000 using Fundraising KIT 

The Love Quilt Project is a nonprofit that uses the power of love to change the lives of orphaned South African and American children, many of whom are affected by HIV/AIDS. Homemade quilts are designed by a group of volunteer quilters, paired with messages from American children, and gifted to South African children.

To date, over 6000 American children have sent messages, over 400 children have received quilts, and over $100,000 has been donated to educate South African children.


Since 2011, The Love Quilt Project has been making a strong impact thanks to generous donors, sponsors, and volunteers; however, due to border closures during the pandemic, the quilts and messages were unable to be delivered. In addition, the economic uncertainty during this time meant they saw a decline in their donations.  

As restrictions started to lift, the organization needed a strategy and the right tools to re-engage donors and streamline their work. They needed to connect with their community, share the exciting work ahead and reinforce the need for their organization to continue its work.


As things started to return to normal after the pandemic, The Love Quilt Project began using Fundraising KIT’s suite of data-driven tools to re-engage their donors through a fundraising campaign. With a small team, analyzing their data would have taken a significant time, but with KIT, they could quickly identify the best prospects for their campaign. 

Using KIT’s Major Donor Score, their team could use their own data and identify the donors capable of supporting their campaign on a larger scale. By examining contacts’ giving history and interactions, KIT produced a Major Donor Score and showed them exactly which donors would be the best prospects to give significant contributions, making it easy to segment those donors and personalize their outreach.

Bundled with the Major Donor Score, the team used KIT’s Likelihood to Recur feature. This feature examined historical information from their database and identified exactly which donors were likely to give again, making them perfect prospects for their campaign.


By using Fundraising KIT’s insights, the Love Quilt Project could quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively build its campaign pipeline. By using their data to re-engage past donors, they raised a record-breaking $50,000 in fundraising revenue!

“The biggest success we have had, because of KIT’s insights, has been the connections with major corporations. We have found two companies that are taking up a large portion of our quilt manufacturing and assisting us in developing a retail line, providing us with the much-needed financial support we require to stay afloat.”

Gretchen Ginnerty, President of The Love Quilt Project

By using KIT, The Love Quilt Project raised more through this campaign than ever before, including before the pandemic. As they prepare to deliver their next batch of quilts, the team continues to innovate by developing “Relief Quilts” to be shared locally in the United States. 

They plan to continue using Fundraising KIT’s tools to ensure that their donors are engaged, close to their cause, and ready to support their next big campaign!

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Fundraising KIT is a data-driven toolkit that helps nonprofits raise more for their cause. Integrating KIT with your nonprofit database allows you to identify supporters ready to give, segment donors for targeted communications, and track fundraising progress, all while saving time and resources to increase revenue.