The Take a Hike Foundation is changing lives and empowering youth.

Over the past twenty years, Take a Hike has developed a proven, trauma-informed, evidence-based program model that has transformed the lives of hundreds of youth in B.C. along with their families.

Take a Hike partners with public school districts to engage vulnerable youth in full-time mental health and emotional well-being programs embedded in alternate education classrooms. Their mission is clear: to empower vulnerable youth with the skills and resilience they need to graduate high school, build healthy relationships, navigate the challenges of young adulthood, and achieve success – however they define it.

And the results speak for themselves:

Take a Hike Foundation Program Statistics

To ensure they’re supporting their mission, they want to increase recurring donors and find new major donors that believe in their cause.

Take a Hike Foundation decided to take action. Using Fundraising KIT, they’re able to become a more data-driven organization by utilizing their own data to create segmented and targeted donor communications, find more major donors, and encourage existing donors to give more.

Take a Hike Foundation was easily able to use Fundraising KIT as KIT connects directly with leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. In minutes, KIT’s tools start analyzing data to help nonprofits identify donors who are ready to make a bigger impact and strengthen donor relationships in the most efficient way possible. 

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Major Donors are the Key

Major donors are the key to a financially stable nonprofit organization. Studies show that, on average, over 88% of all nonprofit funding comes from just 12% of donors. 

Identifying who these donors are and how they engage with your organization is essential to building a personalized donor experience and streamlining your fundraising. With Fundraising KIT’s tools, that’s exactly what Take a Hike Foundation intends to do!

They are looking to identify contacts in their own database with the right donation histories and wealth indicators to become major donors. With Fundraising KIT, Take a Hike will be able to easily prioritize and connect with a list of donors who are ready to make a bigger impact, build lasting relationships, and increase fundraising revenue to drive their mission forward.

Recurring Donations Offer Financial Stability

Donors who set up recurring donations give 42% more annually than one-time donors, so it’s no wonder recurring donation options offer increased financial stability for nonprofits. However, identifying who’s ready to become a monthly donor can be quite the challenge.

“We want to spend less time prospecting and more time on qualified prospects to help us create segmented lists using Fundraising KIT’s predictions to guide our fundraising strategies”

Larissa Hayes

Director of Development | Take a Hike Foundation

Well, that is until now! Using Fundraising KIT, finding the right prospects has never been easier.

Fundraising KIT will help Take a Hike Foundation to study their existing donors’ giving and engagement data and identify and rank contacts within their current database who have the highest potential to become monthly and recurring donors. They can then create a segmented list of donors and reach out to those who are ready to take the next step in their giving journey.

These tools allow nonprofits, like Take a Hike Foundation, to segment prospects and personalize giving appeals, saving time, effort, and money by investing resources into qualified prospects.

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