In 2021-2022, the Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) performed 4,012 surgeries, gave 15,452 CT scans, and cared for patients during 39,712 emergency department visits, all while providing an essential service to the Georgian Bay area.

The incredible work of the GBGH wouldn’t be possible without the Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation. The Foundation strives to lead and nurture an inclusive culture of giving in its expansive community to support the exceptional care and clinical excellence at GBGH.

The Foundation’s fundraising staff know that in order to achieve their objective of personalizing their donor engagement, stewardship, and communications to raise more for their cause, they need to take a data-driven approach that allows them to keep track of their thousands of supporters.

For this reason, the GBGHF uses Fundraising KIT, a data-driven toolkit that helps nonprofits raise more for their cause. The Foundation is especially excited to have KIT for their upcoming capital campaign. Using KIT’s tools, including wealth screening, giving behavior predictions, and donor segmentation, they can more accurately predict and prioritize the supporters who will have the biggest impact on their campaign. 

For more background, Fundraising KIT was developed by a nonprofit leader for the nonprofit community. Integrating with leading nonprofit databases, KIT identifies supporters ready to give, segments donors for targeted communications, and tracks fundraising progress, all while saving time and resources in the quest to increase revenue. 

Raise 46% More Annually With Fundraising KIT F

Nonprofits using Fundraising KIT’s technology see an average annual revenue increase of 46% in their first year. Find out how KIT can save you time and resources in the quest to increase revenue 

Thanks to Fundraising KIT, GBGHF is excited to work more closely with their donors and develop personalized communications at scale to raise more for their cause. 

What’s more, the GBGH Foundation isn’t alone! Fundraisers using Fundraising KIT’s technology saw an average annual revenue increase of 46% in 2020. Check out a full list of KIT’s features to learn more about how you can start raising more for your cause.

Talk to a fundraising expert today to learn more about how Fundraising KIT can quickly and easily help your nonprofit raise more for your cause.

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