Do you find yourself reading the newspaper? Checking the weather before you leave the house? Or searching for a hot stock to invest in? Well, when you do these things, you’re looking at trends around you.

Trends in technology, communications, and the economy can affect the decisions people and organizations make, including nonprofits. Staying on top of current trends will ensure you’re prepared for the future. And for fundraisers, it will ensure they can guarantee their organization’s financial sustainability.

So that’s why we at Fundraising KIT think you should get up to speed on fundraising trends and start raising more!

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Top Five Trends for 2023

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in delivering services, strengthening communities, and supporting those in need. And while every nonprofit is unique, there’s one thing that brings the nonprofit sector together: the necessity of fundraising to support nonprofit missions.

In order to maintain and grow their impact, nonprofits need to understand how trends affect their bottom line and how grabbing hold of these trends will attract new donors and engage existing ones.

Understanding this reality, we’ve listed the top five trends we’ve observed in the sector that will help you get ahead in 2023:

  1. Flexible giving and participation options will be the new norm
  2. Donor retention strategies will breathe new life into your nonprofit
  3. Recurring giving programs will engage and satisfy stakeholders
  4. Personalized giving experiences are a necessity
  5. Workplace giving can extend your nonprofit’s mission

While studying these trends and looking ahead, you’ll want to evaluate your goals, how you’re going to achieve them, and be sure you have the right tools and technology to do so.

Also, be sure you’re communicating with your colleagues, manager, and board of directors, to make sure you’re all on the same page. This communication will simplify what you intend to do and give your supporters, stakeholders, and donors the transparency they deserve.

Want to learn more? Join Fundraising KIT’s free webinar on June 28 at 2pm EST, 11am PST, for more detailed information about each of the five trends.

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