Hello! Bryna Dilman here, new Director of Growth at Fundraising KIT, and this is an article so you can get to know a bit more about me!

I am so excited to have joined this incredible team and look forward to empowering nonprofits like yours to maximize their fundraising efforts with data-driven technology.

I sat down with the KIT team for Q&A to discuss my move to Fundraising KIT, the fundraising trends I’ve seen this year, and how nonprofits can take advantage of these trends to support their mission.

6 Nonprofit Questions With Bryna Dilman

1. What is your experience with the nonprofit sector?

I’ve always had an interest in the nonprofit sector and wanted to work for a greater cause. During my post-graduate degree in corporate communications and public relations, I was fortunate enough to have a work placement with a small nonprofit that really aligned with my core values.

After that, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector and give back to my community. I’ve now been in the nonprofit industry for almost 20 years, with incredible roles at Breast Cancer Foundation, Kids Help Phone, Multiple Sclerosis Society, and KidSport. Most recently, I was at Cystic Fibrosis Canada as the Executive Director of national events.

In this position, I led the strategic direction and growth of all national signature events and specialized in emerging trends in fundraising, particularly studying data analytics and digital fundraising. These experiences helped me develop a deeper understanding of the industry and led me to my current role as the Director of Growth at Fundraising KIT.

2. What is your new role at Fundraising KIT, and what are you hoping to achieve here?

As the Director of Growth at Fundraising KIT, I’m excited to work for an organization that believes nonprofits should have the same access to cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence as for-profit businesses.

Fundraising KIT was built by a nonprofit leader to support the nonprofit community. Fundraising KIT’s data-driven toolkit helps nonprofits raise more for their cause. Integrating with leading nonprofit databases, KIT identifies supporters ready to give, segments donors for targeted communications, and tracks fundraising progress, all while saving time and resources in the quest to increase revenue.

It’s my goal to empower nonprofits with KIT’s cutting-edge technology so they can create more meaningful donor relationships and raise more for their cause.

3. What are the top 3 trends you currently see in the nonprofit sector?

Our lives have been steadily transitioning online – from shopping to banking, to socializing, and most importantly, to online giving. There has been a steady increase in funds raised online, with nonprofit online revenue growing by 60% from 2017-to-2021.

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The trends I’ve observed in the nonprofit sector are all related to this digital shift. The type of online trends I’ve seen more recently are nonprofits looking to be more data-driven and technology-minded. More nonprofits are using their budgets to purchase technology, like Fundraising KIT, that supports smarter fundraising approaches.

First, we’ve seen many nonprofits leverage digital tools to remain competitive in such a saturated market. For example, organizations that ran virtual events prior to the pandemic have had more opportunities to raise money because these events enable supporters to engage with a campaign on their own time.

Virtual events serve as a great tool for small-to-mid-sized nonprofits that don’t have the staff or resources to host a walk, run, or in-person campaign. In addition, these events are low-cost, and the organizer takes on most of the logistics and planning, freeing up staff to engage with and support their fundraisers and major donors.

The second trend I’ve seen is the switch to a robust online fundraising model. This continues to be a significant source for not only acquiring new donors but for engaging a younger audience.

And the third would be diversifying fundraising options to include hybrid programs. Hybrid programs, campaigns, and events don’t exclude people with busy schedules or those not living near where events take place. So hybrid events are door openers for nonprofits that are adapting their programs to be more inclusive.

4. Are nonprofits changing how they operate with the use of technology?

Yes! Seeing data and stats come out of the Salesforce trend report, we know 30% of nonprofit decisions are now being based on data and metrics. This means the use of technology and digital software features are here to propel nonprofits to make decisions based on the best return on investment.

This technological shift means that nonprofits have the opportunity to rely on data instead of the guesswork that sometimes finds its way into decision-making processes. Additionally, this change empowers nonprofits to hone in on the best opportunities to raise more funds for their cause.

5. With many nonprofits shifting operations online, will they ever go back to a face-to-face fundraising environment?

Nonprofits are reporting that fundraising events continue to be a large part of their overall revenue (32% in the US and 11% in Canada). Regardless of the current shift from in-person events to online events and hybrid events, in-person fundraising will continue to be a big part of the nonprofit world.

The opportunity lies in having the right tools and software to be able to pivot at any time. Making the transition to digital-first fundraising and marketing, with the right tools, like Fundraising KIT, will help leaders and fundraisers see the opportunities at their fingertips.

6. Many mid-to-large-sized nonprofits have exceeded their fundraising goals over the last two years. What do you have to say about this statistic?

For the nonprofits and donors willing to shift their philanthropic efforts online and utilize emerging trends, there is an opportunity to enhance member motivation and surpass previous donation records.

Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need and passion for helping others is more apparent than ever. No matter what challenges nonprofits face, they can still raise funds for their cause when they continue to put on events and programs showcasing their cause, using the data and technology at their fingertips.

Talk to a fundraising expert today to learn more about how Fundraising KIT can quickly and easily help your nonprofit raise more for your cause.

Thank you very much for reading! I hope you learned a bit more about my role at Fundraising KIT and how we aim to empower nonprofits to raise more for their causes as our sector embraces technological shifts

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