At Fundraising KIT, we understand the importance of offering fair and competitive compensation for nonprofit employees. After extensive research, we are excited to present the sector with the latest findings on nonprofit salaries. We hope that by tracking salaries, organizations and fundraisers alike can use this tool to compare themselves with industry trends.

Since we teamed up with Keela to start tracking nonprofit salaries in 2018, the average compensation has continued to increase for all roles —except for CEOs which has been on the decline.

Understanding the nonprofit employee base and how much they get paid is important as it holds organizations accountable for pay transparence and allows employees to advocate for themselves.

Why the Nonprofit Sector Matters

Providing current salary and benefits information to the nonprofit sector is important for workforce planning. The pandemic changed employer and employee behavior and data is more critical than ever. An extensive list of compensation information lets you to translate the data into takeaways and remain competitive.

Download the Full 2023 Nonprofit
Salaries Guide

How are you measuring up? This guide will show you nonprofit salary trends across various positions, allowing you to stay competitive and attract top talent.

The nonprofit sector is the third-largest employer in America, employing one out of every 10 working Americans, or roughly 12.5 million people. More than 170,0000 nonprofit organizations exist in Canada and employ 2.4 million people or 12% of the working population.

Understanding the size of the industry while looking at nonprofit salaries and growth is a great way to see how well the sector is doing. While the slow but steady growth in nonprofit salaries was a welcome sight in 2022, a recession will be a challenge as we head into 2023.

Current Nonprofit Salaries and Benefits 

From Grant Writers making an average salary of $50k, to fundraisers making anywhere between $37k to $84k, organization type plays a role in compensation. Understanding that other factors also influence salary, it’s important to consider what’s involved in building salary ranges. 

Why It’s Important to Understand How Your Nonprofit Salaries Compare to Others 

Stay Competitive

With an incoming recession, attracting and retaining top talent should be top of mind. Understanding nonprofit salaries trends allows you to stay competitive. Organizations are always working on compensation structures, so it’s important to understand how you compare.

Negotiate your Expectations

Knowledge is power! Knowing where others stand can help organizations develop job titles and post job descriptions. Remember when we talked about staying competitive? Chances are, your candidates are going to negotiate compensation after receiving an offer. Knowing the industry standards will not only help you offer a competitive salary, but will also help during negotiations. 

Set Your Organization Up for Success 

Nonprofit professionals deserve to be well-compensated. Similarly, to reach their goals and maximize community impact, organizations need to see a return on their investment in their staff.

A great way to do this is by empowering nonprofit teams to be more effective and efficient in their roles. Skills development sessions and training should be part of your workplace culture. But most importantly, your staff need the tools that allow them to work creatively and be strategic. 

Fundraising KIT (KIT) is a tool that allows nonprofit teams to execute targeted fundraising and donor communication strategies. Using KIT, your staff members can work together on campaigns, track progress, and gather donor insights, all in one tool. 

With KIT, your employees can maximize their time, spend more time developing their skills, and make stronger contributions to your organization.

Ultimately, this leads to increased capacity, bigger impact, and eventually, the ability to grow. The nonprofit sector is powered by the thankless work of millions of workers and volunteers. And although we are seeing an upward trend in nonprofit salaries, there is more to be done to support nonprofit staff and your overall mission. 

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