Webinar: 5 Fundraising Trends to Get Ahead of 2023

About the Webinar

Trends in technology, communications, and the economy can affect the decisions people and organizations make, including nonprofits. Staying on top of current trends will ensure you are prepared for the future. And for fundraisers, it will ensure they can guarantee their organization’s financial sustainability.

Join Fundraising KIT’s Director of Growth, Bryna Dilman with the Canadian Liver Foundation’s CEO, Jennifer Nebesky while they discuss 5 Fundraising Trends to Get Ahead of 2023.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How flexible giving and participation options will be the norm.
  • Donor retention strategies to breathe new life into your nonprofit.
  • Recurring giving programs that engage stakeholders.
  • Personalized experiences that transform engagement.
  • Ways in which workplace giving can extend your nonprofit’s mission.
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About the Speakers

Headshot of Bryna Dilman

Bryna Dilman has always believed in the power of technology and the use of data to help empower the nonprofit industry. She has led webinars, written articles, and is constantly researching how data-driven decision making can help increase productivity, improve financial performance, enhance charities’ abilities to forecast effectively, and ultimately raise more for their cause. With almost 20 years of experience delivering innovative strategies and helping nonprofits deliver funding, Bryna continues to pursue her passion of helping mission-focused organizations effect positive change.

Headshot of Jennifer Nebesky

Jennifer Nebesky is the President & CEO of the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF). The CLF is a non-profit health organization that is committed to liver research, support and advocacy. As a marketing and communications professional with over 20 years of experience in the non-profit, health and pharmaceutical sectors, Jennifer has a proven track record of helping organizations succeed, grow, and adapt to changing landscapes. Jennifer is driven by passion and heart and takes pride in her ability to inspire teams to rally behind their organization in order to deliver on its mission.