Webinar: Nonprofit Growth Lab: Social Fundraising Equations

About the Webinar

Grab your goggles and your lab coat and join Good United and Fundraising KIT for a conversation in the Nonprofit Growth Lab!

During the pandemic, social media became the main way to stay in contact with our friends and family. It also became a huge platform for nonprofit fundraising. In a post-covid era, we do everything online, and it’s more important than ever to use social media as a main channel in your fundraising efforts.

In this webinar, you will hear from GoodUnited’s Director of Product and Growth Marketing, Adam O’Brien and Fundraising KIT’s Director of Growth, Bryna Dilman and Senior Marketing Manager, Meredith Gray talking about ways to adjust your social fundraising strategies and what changes to consider for the future.

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About the Speakers

Headshot of Bryna Dilman

Bryna Dilman has always believed in the power of technology and the use of data to help empower the nonprofit industry. She has led webinars, written articles, and is constantly researching how data-driven decision making can help increase productivity, improve financial performance, enhance charities’ abilities to forecast effectively, and ultimately raise more for their cause. With almost 20 years of experience delivering innovative strategies and helping nonprofits deliver funding, Bryna continues to pursue her passion of helping mission-focused organizations effect positive change.

Headshot of Meredith Gray

Meredith has always had a passion for work that makes an impact. Having spent over 7 years working in fundraising, she has gained extensive knowledge in marketing, peer-to-peer, events, and sponsorship and firmly believes that all successful fundraising strategies start with your data. Having experienced it first-hand, she understands the challenges nonprofits face when building a fundraising strategy and loves connecting with other like-minded fundraisers to brainstorm new and creative ways to leverage data to increase revenue.