Uncover fundraising opportunities.

Fundraising KIT is a data analytics tool that recommends timely, personalized and effective methods of outreach to grow your fundraising revenue. Our actionable insights give you the confidence to inspire donors to give while taking the guesswork out of fundraising.

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Find the Hidden Gems in Your Database

Using engagement and giving data, wealth indicators and fundraising trends, our tool identifies which donors would be the most inspired to give, letting you connect with the right contacts at the right time. Learn how Fundraising KIT’s Donor Scores can help you:

Know Exactly Who You’re Talking to

Whether you are stewarding 20 donors or 2,000+, Giving Insights provide real-time updates on your contacts to help you identify high-value donors and maximize appeals.

Snapshots of 4 of Fundraising KIT's welath indicators including estimated weath, real estate value, mortgage remaining, and donor to healthcare

Build Your Appeal with the Right Wealth Indicators

Build a complete philanthropic picture of your donors using wealth indicators pulled from leading sector databases. And unlike other wealth screening tools, Fundraising KIT provides actionable next steps so you’re always proactively stewarding towards the next ask.

Use Donor Timelines to Follow Every Journey

View up-to-date donation history and interactions from your contacts, such as email clicks and open rates, to analyze meaningful information, improve your campaigns, and raise more!

A sample of a donor timeline showing new gift amounts, opened emails, and increase in smart ask

Donor Segmentation

Want to segment your donors by location? No problem. By giving amount? We’ve got you covered. By who’s most likely to respond to direct mail? Our pleasure! Fundraising KIT makes segmentation easy, meaning that you can effectively communicate with the donors you’re looking to engage.

A segmented list Segmented list showing contacts located in Toronto
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Track Your Fundraising Success

Fundraising KIT tracks your fundraising performance, so you don’t have to. With just a few clicks, you can review your metrics for success or even download a presentation-ready fundraising report.

Ready to Raise More for your Cause?